Trail Running

Trail Running

Put that running vest on, fill your camel back or soft flask water bottles, throw some snacks into one of the stretch pockets, pack a light waterproof and tie the laces of your trail shoes and lets’ go.

Trail running is different to running on the road; Duh! You may think anyone knows that its’ in the name, but its more than that. It’s the way you run, the way you move. No longer are you just doing the repetitive movement of road running, now with trail your mind is focused on to the ground under your feet, your feet, legs and whole body attuned to the uneven ground that gets you responding in ways that you did not think possible before.

Trail running at its best is like dancing and floating over the ground, being caught in a moment and at other times that big push up on steep trails where you have to learn to temper your thoughts, ambitions and ideals and learn new techniques.

The coming down on technical ground, where learning to read the trail in front of you is so important.

Trail running without doubt is exciting and can open worlds of running that you never knew existed.

Here at Big Smile Adventures we offer different styles of guided trail running trips from the one-day guided trails of the area to weekend and weeklong trail initiation trips where you learn to transfer your road running to the trails and learn the techniques for that. We love to run the trails; it makes us alive and wanting more. Yes, it can be hard work and no you will not cover as much distance as you would on the road but the experience you will have will without a doubt want you coming back for more.

Here are our tours:

Trail running skills €1730 p/p
Haut Vallespir skills week €1730 p/p