Trail Running/Speed Hiking

High up above Ceret in the Haut Vallespir valley of the Pyrénées Orientales

So what is trail running and speed hiking?

Trail running is the just that, running mountainous trails instead of hiking them and speed hiking is pretty much the same thing. There is a huge blurring of lines and a big cross over of these two mediums of traversing mountain trails. It is quite rare to find someone that can run non stop long distance trails, we all have to walk at times, especially on the uphills. What we like to think of here at Big Smile Adventures is that the label of what you are doing is less important than the fact of being out there and doing.

We like to see ourselves as being able to be out in the middle mountain terrain moving and this is the important bit right here; MOVING EFFICIENTLY, as fast as we can without the need for long pauses. The whole point of trail running and speed hiking is in the movement involved and the distances we are able to achieve compared to a day of normal hiking with bigger rucksacks and more kit.

When you look at how small a backpack you can trim all your kit down to (just the essentials) it is incredible to think that we used to carry so much and in turn probably needed to use it because we were moving so much slower.

Here at Big Smile Adventures we offer a range of trips that can suit everyones needs to be able to achieve and learn those efficient movement skills.

Here are the tours