Summer Trekking

Based at the foot of Mont Blanc, Big Smile Adventures is perfectly located to offer you single day treks or multiple day hut to hut treks in the Haute Savoie region of the French northern Alps during the summer months. From easy slow-paced walks to harder carrying all your provisions on your back style treks we can plan and guide it all. Because it is bespoke you tell us what you want and we can arrange it.

Alpi Carnia in Italy is a place that we love and holds a special place in our hearts. Almost unknown to British trekkers, it is a wonderland that is rich in Flora and Fauna and culture. It makes up the triangle frontiers of Austria, Slovenia and Italy. It’s famous neighbour the Julian Alps of Slovenia sits right there next to Alpi carnia and in fact we cross the frontiers a lot going hut to hut. It is an unknown Alpine gem that has not been over crowded and is still pristine in every way.

Chamonix area:

Classic Tour du Mont Blanc

Haute Route Highlights

Private trek guiding day rates

Slovenia – Julian Alps

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