Nordic walking is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to exercise with minimal impact on the joints and body. Nordic walking is a great physical exercise that utilises specially designed Nordic Walking poles that are added to the natural walking style we all use.  

Studies suggest that it is possible to burn 400 plus calories per hour while Nordic Walking. On really good work outs and in the Mountains it is possible to burn 700 plus calories per hour.

Nordic Walking is available and achievable for everybody and everyone. It is a great way to regain fitness after illness and can be tailored to fit everyones need. A great many doctors believe that Nordic Walking is one of the most efficient  work outs for cardiovascular as it works all the major muscle groups in the body.  It helps tone and shape muscles for all-round improved health and fitness.

Nordic walking uses both small and large muscle groups for effective aerobic conditioning and increases blood circulation and metabolism. Compared with walking without poles Nordic walking burns 46% more calories and it uses an incredible 90% of our skeletal muscles yes an incredible 90%, this is compared to swimming that uses 40% and running that uses 60% of our skeletal muscles. The perceived effort of Nordic walking is a lot less than with other styles of exercise but the results and statistics speak for themselves, Less effort, greater achievement.

Other benefits of Nordic walking

  • Through utilising correct movements and gait, it is safe and healthy
  • Nordic walking is accessible to all no matter of age, fitness or ability
  • Minimal impact on joints
  • Decreases Neck and shoulder tension
  • Improves spinal rotation
  • It is an ideal activity for people who have not exercised for awhile or who dislike traditional sports or gym activities
  • An injured person, can with the approval of their doctor or physiotherapist, use the poles to support and guide them, working to improve fitness as part of their rehabilitation.
  • Promotes natural and fluid movements and correct posture



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Gary is our Nordic walking Instructor and Coach and is a member of the British Nordic walking association and the International Nordic walking federation


1-1 sessions (Poles included) €50 p/h

Open groups 2-5 Clients  €12 P/p (With own poles) €15 (With BSA poles) – Session 1hr 15mins

Introduction to Nordic Walking 3 Hrs Including Poles €45 P/p 2-5 Clients