So what is Fastpacking

Fastpacking is a combination of hiking, trail running and back packing. There is a huge blurring of lines and a big cross over of these three mediums of traversing mountain trails while fastpacking. It is quite rare to find someone that can run non stop long distance trails, we all have to walk at times, especially on the uphills. Here at Big Smile Adventures we like to think that as long as you are out on the trails and enjoying the mountains, it doesn’t matter what you call it!


It is a fantastic feeling to be out in the mountains, moving consistently and efficiently, without pauses or stopping to rest your shoulders from the weight of your backpack. You will be amazed at the distances that you can cover by learning just a few simple movement techniques and fine-tuning what you pack.

When you look at how small a backpack you can trim all your kit down to (just the essentials) it is incredible to think that we used to carry so much. 

Here at Big Smile Adventures we offer a range of trips that can suit everyones needs to be able to achieve and learn those efficient movement skills.

We offer our guided fast packing trips into different styles:

1. Using mountain huts and valley hotels for the majority of our food and accommodation.

2. A slightly more wild experience where we will use unmanned mountain huts or simply sleep under the stars. We will carry a stove and cook our Breakfast and dinner.

You do not need to be a high performing athlete or extreme adventurer, but you will need a good physical and mental tenacity and strength.

Here are the tours

FastPacking tour du Canigou.  €500 p/p

FastPacking tour du Peric.