Big Smile Adventures is partnering with Sam Hill from Hill Performance to offer you the complete training package to achieve your running, fastpacking or expedition goals. Here at Big Smile, we have always been committed to making sure that everyone is prepared as they can be before joining us on one of our trips and now we are taking that service to the next level! 

Sam will work with you to create the perfect training and nutrition strategies to give you not only improved performance but improved confidence, knowledge and motivation. We have known Sam for years and we wouldn’t bring him into the team if there was any doubt that he wouldn’t be bringing a whole lot of smiles too! 

In Sam’s words, here’s a bit more about him:

I have been working in personal development for over 10 years and during the last 5 years, I have developed a running centred trail guiding and coaching business. I specialise in bespoke running adventures all over the world. Hill Performance grew out of my desire to dig deeper into the sport that I love and help give everyone that I work with the best possible advice to help them develop. My working life has been focused on helping people to gain confidence, build resilience and recognise their potential – Hill Performance is rooted in these values. 


Personally, I have been running since I was a kid. I started young, competing in orienteering and fell running events around the English Lake District where I grew up. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I started to take running more seriously and found that I had the legs and the head for ultra-distance running. Of all of the runs I have done, the Bob Graham Round in winter and the 300km Petite Trotte à Léon are my proudest achievements. I am by no means the best or fastest runner in the world, but I know how to work hard. I understand the processes that we all have to go through to improve, stay healthy and balance our hectic lives. I appreciate what failure feels like and recognise that it is part of the journey. I want to enjoy running well into my 70’s, just like my Dad. Surely, isn’t that the ultimate goal, enjoying the feeling of being outside, pushing ourselves, for as long as we can!

Now. Why to choose us.

Because we love our job and we know exactly what we do.

Because we work professionally and safely.

Because we know the areas where we are taking you.

Because your needs are our priority.

Because you will live a True and Emotional Experience..