Itinerary Southern Alps, catered chalet.

We do not have a set itinerary as we believe to have this set in stone does not allow us to maximise the snow conditions and to be safe. Every night our guide/s will look at the weather, avalanche risk and level, snow condition, the ability and feeling of the group and make a decision of where we are going the next day.

But some of our options are

Col d’ Urine loop (2525 MTRS) – 5.5hrs, 890 mtrs Ascent, 6km, Chalets de Clapeyto (2221 MTRS) – 5 hrs, 720 mtrs Ascent, 13km, Vallon du Tronchet (2661 MTRS) – 6.5hrs, 970mtrs Ascent, 12km, Le Alpages du Sommet Bucher (2254 MTRS) – 5hrs, 554 mtrs Ascent, 6km,  Col du Longet (2701 Mtrs) – 4.5hrs, 677 mtrs Ascent, 7km, Croix du Curlet (2301 MTRS) – 4hrs, 520 mtrs Ascent, 3.8km, Col de la Creche (2284 MTRS) – 4.5hrs, 573 mtrs Ascent, 6km, Alpage de Fontantie – 4.5hrs, 743 mtrs Ascent, 5km,