So it has finally arrived.

In big huge dumps, sitting deeply upon the slopes and mountainsides.

For all of Dec we have all been praying for it to fall, and now that white stuff is everywhere.

Funny how perspectives change.

How when it is so unseasonably warm you are still in a t-shirt, you end up thinking

“Well you know, its so nice and warm and sunny, if it does not snow for a little longer it`s ok – the snow is sooooo cold”

Then it snows and its like Christmas everyday

The snow is amazing, we love the snow. Snow is winter disneyland, Narnia.

In the snow we can become kids again but with bigger ambitions than just throwing snowballs or building snowmen.

We can snowshoe, we can ski on piste, we can ski rando, snowboard, etc etc

Hell if we want we can even build a snowman.

So lets celebrate, now that the snow is here lets celebrate it in all its glory.

But remember stay safe out there as well, although it is beautiful the snow can also be a deadly mistress.

If you want to go into the backcountry and do not have the experience maybe think about taking an avalanche rescue and awareness course or hiring an International mountain leader or Mountain guide to take you into that deep backcountry depending on what your chosen sport is.

Enjoy the winter, stay safe and be like kids again in the winter Narnia magic.

One Comment on “Snow

  1. Hey Gary

    I live in Canada so I sent you some snow over there. Whistler/Blackcomb has masses. Everest Base Camp in September went very well with no problems. With exodus in late June again in the Dolomites. Any chance of you being the guide? Hope so. Be nice to meet again. For my 70th in September its Salkantay trek in Peru and camping all the way. YOLO!!

    Happy New Year and all the best

    Bob Hill

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