Sun, Spring,Thoughts of winter & Hopes for the future

So it looks like winter is in it’s finally stages.

The warm spring weather we are having, bringing the primrose flowers to the lower mountain slopes and trails drives the remaining snow higher up the mountain when soon the only people who will be able access it are the Alpinist’s and ski tourers.

For sure the snowshoe season is at an end for another winter and it has been a strange winter. Starting late and slow it then rushed forward and it almost seems that it did not really happen it has gone by so fast.

Two of the most wonderful moments BigSmileAdventures were involved in this winter were a Duke of Edinburgh Award winter expedition and taking Katy out into the hills.

I am a DOFE accredited expedition award assessor and I can remember when DOFE expeditions were restricted to trekking and hiking in summer conditions. Now with the creation of the IA (International Award) the medium to do the expedition part of the award has grown to a point where almost anything is possible if it can fit in the guide lines and 20 rules of the DOFE award. To be able to supervise and assess groups snowshoeing through the Jura Mountains of France and Switzerland while they go hut to hut still a totally self-contained group is amazing. It was a privilege and so inspiring to be involved with the whole process.

Next taking out snowshoeing a Welsh Lady called Katy who has lived for the last 22 years in London. She is a climber but has never been to the European Alps. To see her re-discover her love of the mountains and the great outdoors was very special and something again that BigSmileAdventures was proud to be part of. We did not only go snowshoeing but covered some winter skill and the decision making process to go into the winter back country. She went away from it all very inspired with a huge beaming smile.

So as for the future, well summer is fully booked, right up till mid November. It is a great testament to how BigSmileAdventures are doing and the quality we put into every trip and trek we do. Also for  this summer and into the future we have taken on two other International Mountain Leaders and a Winter Mountain Leader to help us run our courses and treks. We are very excited that these professional and great leaders have joined our team. You can look up their profiles on the BigSmileAdventures About page on the website.

Looking almost a year ahead we have some exciting snowshoeing ideas lined up. Coming up on the website for booking soon will be the three-day, three summit snowshoe long weekend to join our Spa/Snowshoe long weekend as our package trips. Also we will be continuing to run our private guide and group days for your bespoke days out. Also we will be running two open group days, every week of next winter for people to join for a day or half day snowshoe trek.

We are also thinking of running some UK-based trips, summer and winter navigation courses, Grade 1 scrambling courses. These will be run by our leaders that are living in the Uk.

So over all things are looking very good here at BigSmileAdventures for the future and just like the spring flowers our enthusiasm and ideas are coming into bloom for another year.

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