Snowshoeing with BigSmileAdventures

This time last year there was already a lot of snow.

This time last year my life had been turned upside down.

This time last year I was think what the next year was going to bring.

Well, last winter the Snowshoe season was fantastic.

Deep snow, great weather, wonderful clients and a sense of magic every time I guided someone to a back country area. My life had as I  said earlier, turned upside down for personal reasons but every time I got out into those Alpine mountains, with the fresh air upon my cheeks and the crunch of snow under my feet it helped put a lot into perspective. The winter was followed by a non stop summer of guiding around the European Alps, again with wonderful clients and trekking in beautiful places. I love my job as an International Mountain Leader or as we are known in France Accompagnateur en Montagne, taking people trekking in the Alps or the greater ranges. Introducing them to views to die for & ways of life that they have probably never seen or experienced before. For some it starts a change in their lives and that is always so special. For some they achieve things that they never thought they were capable of and that as well is so very special and for others it is a way of just enjoying the mountains more.

Am I thinking already about next year? Well summer is pretty much fully booked up with a great expedition planned to Kyrgyzstan and lots of European Alps work. So most of my thoughts at the moment are all about this coming winter, the great snowshoeing days that are sure to be had and the repeat and new clients I will guide this year.

This year the snow is coming late and it is not a great start to the season especially for skiing, but hey there is enough snow out there to have a great day snowshoeing. So if you would like to experience something different, something new, something special. Then why not think about trying out a day or two or even a whole week of snowshoeing with BigSmileAdventures.

The name really does say it all.

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