The snow is coming

So it is snowing here in Chamonix in the French Alps, today it was raining in the valley but you could see the snow line creeping down the side of the mountains. This evening it is snowing in the valley and what excitement this brings. It is the same every year when the snow hits the valley floors so the eager butterflies of the winter wonder land start moving around the body. Already I can see that deep powder of the back country, the powder blue skies and that stillness never known in the cities of the world. The crispness of the early morning as we strap the snow shoes to our feet and start-up through the forested slopes to gain a col or snowshoe summit for the day. When we arrive at our high point, to take in the majestic views of some of the grandest mountains in the European Alps is un  rivalled and we can only marvel at the panoramic that unfolds to our gaze and at our own existence in the grand scheme of what we can see and be part of.

There really is nothing like accessing the beauty of the Alpine back country in winter and the only two ways to really do that are back country skiing and snowshoeing.

Whats the difference you might ask, well unless you can ski deep powder, have the expensive equipment and usually an expensive guide you probably are not going to do that.

But if you can walk you can snowshoe, a guided day costs a lot less than a guided day skiing and there is not a lot of technic to learn. If you love your summer trekking and hill walking and think that the snow means you have to stop, then think again. It really is as easy as that.

We fit our bespoke guided days around what you want, let us know and we can provided it. If you are looking for something different this winter then give snowshoeing a go with us here at BigSmileAdventures.

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