Alps summer season

This summer has been non stop, starting down on the beautiful Amalfi coast guiding in the Monti Lattari mountains at the end of March and finishing with a Tour du Mont Blanc in Chamonix in the French Alps.
I have actually been able to miss by luck most of the bad weather always seeming to leave a place or arrive just before the down pours have started or finished.
My groups of clients have been fantastic, always fun and enthusiastic.
I have laughed a lot with them, learned a lot through them and have guided them through some amazing mountain scenery on beautiful trails.
So thank you so much to everyone that was a client on a trip that I run or led and thank you to all the beautiful people we met a long the way,
We are now having a little down time before our winter snowshoeing season starts. Dates and prices are on the website.
We are also starting to plan for next summer as well.
So not only are we always running our bespoke guiding trips, we will be offering a Chamonix valley highlights walking trip and a couple of Tour du Mont Blanc.
Look out soon for details being put up on the website.
Thanks for a great season.
BigSmileAdventures all round we think.

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