Trail Running in The Ferriere National Park

My Fifteen year marriage finished last November.
I needed to find myself.
Put myself into new things.
I took up trail running and meditation and today on the trail the two merged as one, I have never felt this in the mountains before I felt like a particle suspended in the moment. No Past, no future just the now as I floated and drifted over the technical rocky ground. There was no thinking, just doing. It felt skeletal if that makes sense ( I am not sure it does ) but that is how it felt. The sound track on my headphones was 1200 micrograms a Psy trance group, the kick drum grounding me to the present, the twitching high sounds like spikes probing into my inner mind.

I have been taking my meditation to new heights lately, but never have I been to a place like I was today running that trail. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Amalfi laying far below on the coast framed by the rock walls of the valley I was coming out off.
Like a ballet dancer, I tiptoed down all the stone steps into Amalfi my legs quivering under me, the sweat pouring from me purging all negativity from my soul.

A quick hit of a lemon soda and back into the affray, up the Amalfi republic way to San Lazzaro in Agerola. A height gain of 650 mtrs over 7km with 2000 stone steps and alley ways. As I arrived back in San Lazzaro my starting point of the day I felt amazing, completely spent but feeling so alive.
Numbers are not important but 21 km, 850 mtrs of descent, 850 of ascent, 2000 stone steps on the way up. Two hours and fifty seven minutes. I am not sure if that is good or not but it felt amazing for me.

I have found the freedom to understand my life through trail running and meditation and today I floated on that sensation of the Now – the moment. Life is good, it is all a learning curve, where with will power, positive thinking and hard work we can grow as human beings.

BigSmileAdventures offers you their big smiles today and every day.
Get in touch if you would like to come and smile with us out on the trails of this beautiful planet.

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