Oberland in the shadow of the Eiger

So the Summer season commences.
Here I am in the Swiss Oberland.
The first week of my hectic summer begins.
The alpine flowers are emerging after the long winter snows are melting and summer is in the air. I have a wonderful group of trekkers here to experience the flora and waterfalls of this gem of the European Alps, the swiss Oberland.
It is the first time I have been here to trek, climb or work but I will definitely be back – it is already in my heart.
The people so friendly, the efficiency of the swiss, like clock work.
Today I was trail running underneath the Eiger north face doing a recce for the group to trek on Friday.
The heart and lungs bursting, the eyes wide open with the views and the pure air in this clock work, chocolate box wonderland have invigorated me in a way that I had forgotten for a long time.
Four days left in this beautiful place before I head back home to Chamonix in the shadow of Mont Blanc and then straight down to the Ardeche in Southern France before returning to that beautiful gem of the Italian coast line the romantic Amalfi coast.

Join us on all our adventures as we blog along the way, and if you would like to join us on a trail, then please get in touch.

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