Thoughts of Next winter’s Snowshoeing

Well this winter season is almost at an end.

I still have some friends going high to ski but for most it is over.

We all have our minds set on our summer holidays now, right?

Actually most of us know what we are doing for the summer already and as this winter season finishes, we sit here with a glow of great memories of the winter just finishing.

Which means you are probably wanting to book up for another great winter next year.

Here at BigSmileAdventures we are doing just that, getting our snowshoeing holidays and days planned for the winter of 2014/15. We are doing this now as last year they sold out pretty quick,so to save disappointment for people we are trying to get the new dates and prices up as quick as possible.

A new gallery of some of the great moments will be up soon and prices and dates will be up on the website in the next month.

So if you would like to try something different to skiing in the French Alps next winter, then please get in contact, contact details and form on the contact page of the website.

Remember Snowshoeing with an International Mountain Leader is the only way to access the backcountry and get away from the crowds in winter unless you go ski touring and that is another ball game altogether.

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