Thank you

I have just been looking at and thinking about the website and thinking of the future of BigSmileAdventures and it looks bright. I think what we offer is small super personal trips for people. Where you are not just a client or a number in a large group. YOU are what make all of our trips integral, a working master piece. There is no us and them between our International Mountain Leaders (Accompaqnateurs en Montagne) and clients, we are all there for the same reason – the love of the mountains! Our International Mountain Leaders have the technical skills, qualifications and know what needs to be done and when and the way. But they learn everyday from You about seeing these places they travel with fresh eyes and wonderment, everyday. We learn from each other. We all love the mountains more because of this feedback loop. So we would like to say THANK YOU to every single one of you that has been on a trek with us in the mountains, where ever that has been in the world, for making each day a very special one. We wish you all the best on what ever trail you maybe walking/trekking now or in the future and hopefully we will share some more trails together upon this beautiful planet.

2 Comments on “Thank you

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  2. Hi Gary
    Just to say I can no longer join you or my other friends on these walking trips so I enjoy reading your comments and pictures. Glad you are able to earn a living from the outdoors. You were always an enthusiastic student at Bremex and glad your trips still have that feel.
    Best wishes John E.

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