Snowshoeing with Mally FutFut

A dear and old friend came out to stay with us and he had booked four days of snowshoeing with BigSmileAdventures. I did not realise that it had been eleven  years since we last physically saw each other. A sign of true friendship is that initial contact after not seeing each other for a long time, well it was as though a day had not passed since we last saw each other and it was as though we took off from where we stopped all them years ago.

Mally had never been snowshoeing before and had not been to the mountains for a very long time. We had a great four days encountering Blue skies, deep powder snow (where we were the first to put new tracks of the day), sunshine, rain and heavy snow but through it all there was a great adventure forming.Snowshoeing in three different areas of the Chaine de Aravis and One in the Chamonix valley, we were awarded with amazing views and stunning panoramas.

Like always when you are having a great time it seems to go so fast and so with a big hug and a little sadness in our hearts we said goodbye to Mally as he caught his transfer to the airport at the end of the week. Although the week finished and Mally has gone home the happiness and memories will be added to the life time of friendship that we share.

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