Le petit Croise Baulet

Today saw me up above Megeve again but on the Jaillet side of the valley and heading up to the Le petit Croise Baulet at 2009mts. The snow was not the best as I started up through the forest but as I ascended it got to being fantastic and another amazing snowshoe day emerged. Le Petit Croise Baulet is a true snowshoeing summit and the sun was out in force by the time we arrived on the summit. The views from the summit are awe inspiring and you get to see the Arve valley, Les Aravis, Le Beaufortin, Le Massif du Mont Blanc, Le Aiguilles Rouges, Pormenaz and Plate-Varan, it was one of those days when it was hard to stop taking photos. It is a full day out and a wonderful and achievable day for most people that is full of snow, sky and 360 deg mountain views.

At BigSmileAdventures we love to show people these wild and beautiful places.

If you would like to experience such a day then please get in touch.


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