Snowshoe paradise

Living just outside the Chamonix valley, I realised a long time back that around where I live is so much wonderful snowshoeing terrain. Areas and places that most of the resident brits do not know about, places that are held close to the heart by the locals. I am always out trying to discover these places and when I do, I can guarantee I will be the only British person there, unless of course I have clients with me. Of course they might not be British but they definitely will not be locals.

So yesterday saw me go and explore another new area it is a  wonderful snowshoeing country with tracks winding up through forest trails to summer alpage areas with amazing vistas and panoramas of the mountain ranges and a lovely alpage resturant that can be booked for lunches and dinners.

If you are interested in a half day or full day snowshoeing in places that unless you are a local you will not find, then get in touch and book a snowshoe journey with BigSmileAdventures.

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