First Snowshoe of the season

The snow has been falling for a few days now and friends had already been up high skiing but I am waiting for that. I awoke the other morning though opened up the shutters of the chalet and looked out across the valley towards one of my favorite snowshoeing areas. There looked to be more than enough snow up there, so grabbing my rucksack, snowshoes and poles I jumped in the car and drove across the valley. Putting on  the snowshoes once again felt good and the crunch of the snow as I made my way up through the forest was a great sound that I realised I had been missing all summer, our dog Sorata seemed super content to be out with me today. As we were ascending a buzzard gracefully floated over our heads no more than twenty mtrs above us, it seemed huge and the silence of the forest and the buzzard made for a very special moment. We continued up to the refuge which is closed in the winter months but here we had a bite to eat and a hot juice from the flask before descending in a circular route back down through more forest to the car.

We saw no one and the silence of the winter’s day plus the panoramic views of the high mountains when the clouds parted made for such a wonderful first

snowshoe of the season.

If you would like to experience snowshoeing here in the French Alps then please get in contact and join us at BigSmileAdventures for some winter fun.

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