Every adventure starts with a first step. Make it and join us.

BIG SMILE ADVENTURES offers to take you on walking and Running adventures based in some of the most beautiful areas of the French Alps and the Catalonian areas of the French and Spanish Pyrenees.

To see the great classic mountains of the Alps or the harmonious and less known profiles of the Pyrenees. To enjoy the calm of a certain nature, to laugh, to live a great experience. To be well.

At Big Smile Adventures we believe in well being and a healthy lifestyle, we consider that hiking, walking and running in beautiful natural outdoor spaces helps deliver an incredible healthy physical and mental component to life and we believe that this can continue and help shape your life long after taking part in one of our journeys or events.

So start dreaming and planning on joining us for an experience that can improve your well being and put a wonderful big smile on your face and in your soul.

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